Breaking news at the beginning of the year of the Tiger: Sony spent $ 3.6 billion to buy Bungie, the creative development team that created the hit Halo series.

According to Sony’s affirmation, Bungie continues to develop games as a studio under Sony and has full rights to publish games and interact with the gaming community. This means that Bungie can decide for themselves whether to put the game on any platform they want.

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Sony spent $3.6 billion to buy Bungie, the father of the famous Halo game series - Photo 1.

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In a press release, PlayStation leader Jim Ryan stated:This is an important step in PlayStation’s strategy of expanding the reach of a wider audience. We understand how important the community is to Bungie, and look forward to supporting them when [Bungie] continue to operate independently and develop”.

Bungie will maintain the very successful online looter Destiny 2, and has been developing many other projects, including a brand new game.

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Bungie made a name for himself when he released Halo exclusively on Xbox. Later, Bungie separated from Microsoft, cooperated with Activision Blizzard in the release of Destiny 1. In 2019, Bungie once again parted with the giant game corporation (now part of Microsoft), and today returned under the roof of Sony. .

Ever since Microsoft announced a $68.7 billion deal to acquire Activision Blizzard, the gaming industry has been eagerly awaiting Sony’s next move. Right on the first day of the Lunar New Year (Vietnam time), Sony made a statement that surprised experts.

The console war between Xbox and PlayStation is over, with the PC winning. But the content war, which is an attempt to gather power to create top-notch content, persists. Fans of electronic entertainment continue to wait for other tumultuous developments in the gaming industry from major corporations, while continuing to enjoy a promising 2022.


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