Last Sunday night, stargazers in New Zealand were confused and somewhat terrified. Many observers reported seeing spirals of light passing across the sky.

Alasdair Burns received a text message from a friend about a strange object in the sky. When he went outside, he saw what looked like a giant spiral galaxy slowly crossing the sky. Burns quickly enlisted the neighbors to witness, and soon they were all standing outside watching the strange spirals.

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“There were about five of us standing on the common porch, looking up and just a little bit nervous,” Burns shared with The Guardian.

There are many theories put forward, from the ordinary to the peculiar. But, the answer may not be as interesting as you think, quite mundane even.

A strange light vortex appeared in the sky of New Zealand - Photo 1.

Strange swirl of light in New Zealand sky.

And the main source of light is the exhaust from a rocket. And SpaceX launched a rocket from the launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida on Sunday.

Basically, when a rocket carries a satellite into space, it discharges the propellant to the back. When this happens, the propellant rapidly forms a cloud in space. The Sun’s light then illuminated this cloud, creating the swirls of light in the sky that Burns and others witnessed.

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It is a spectacular phenomenon, although not a rare one. A similar light vortex was detected in Hawaii earlier this year. Scientists say that vortex is also from a SpaceX rocket. Burns also said he suspected it was a missile. However, he and his neighbors had never witnessed such an incident themselves.

Despite the logical deductions behind the mysterious swirls of light in the sky, some may still believe that such phenomena are evidence of alien life and UFOs regularly visiting Earth. . But in this case, the explanation that scientists gave to determine the origin of the vortices is correct.

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