What is TECNO phone brand?

TECNO has just returned to the Vietnamese market in recent years and is storming the Smartphone market with cheap products but extremely impressive parameters. TECNO is a brand originating from Transsion Holdings group. Before entering Vietnam, TECNO has achieved great success in the markets of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia (India, Philippines).

The strength of TECNO home phones is being positioned in the mid-range segment, which is cheap compared to competitors in the market. However, the quality coming from TECNO products is still appreciated for its good features and stable parameters.

Currently, on the Vietnamese market, the TECNO brand is easily found in product lines such as POP 5, SPARK 6 Go, SPARK 7T, SPARK 8C, POVA Neo, POVA 2… and some other impressive products.

Super product TECNO POVA3 is about to land in Vietnam, Tecno-fans are waiting - Photo 1.

Leaked information POVA 3 latest models are about to be released

Following the success of POVA 2 and POVA Neo when brought to the Vietnamese market, TECNO promises to bring a new super product with more impressive and powerful parameters.

POVA is famous for being a phone with a powerful processor, buffalo battery in the low-cost segment of only 3-4 million, suitable for customers who want to find a smartphone that can be used all day. With this improvement, what parameters can beat other competitors, rising to become the most outstanding quality yet affordable product line in the segment, making many Tecno-fans look forward to?

Super product TECNO POVA3 is about to land in Vietnam, Tecno-fans are waiting - Photo 2.

POVA 3 is more improved, stronger, smoother

Although there is no official confirmation, but according to information leaked from world forums as well as recent technology-loving communities, TECNO POVA 3 owns a large screen of nearly 7 inches, supporting support. 90 Hz screen refresh rate and 7,000 mAh battery with fast charging support.

In addition, the machine can also play heavy games like Lien Quan, Genshin Impact, PUBG, Tecno POVA 3 is still fine and the temperature of the device fluctuates about 40 degrees Celsius when playing games, because the machine is upgraded with the cooling mechanism. heat.

Super product TECNO POVA3 is about to land in Vietnam, Tecno-fans are waiting - Photo 3.

Tecno POVA 3 has a stable temperature of about 40 degrees when playing games, which is quite impressive! Source: Hardware Voyage.



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