Tecno announces the launch of POVA 3 product at Livestream on June 23

Specifically, the TECNO brand of Transsion Holdings Group announced that it will hold the first event in Vietnam about the press conference to launch a new smartphone product, belonging to the POVA series, which is currently attracting attention in the market. school. That is the product TECNO POVA 3, which is hotly discussed at international technology forums and expected by a large number of Tecno-fans in Vietnam.

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The program will be widely Livestreamed on TECNO Vietnam’s social networking platforms such as Facebook and Youtube at 19:00 on June 23, 2022. Join the event now here.

TECNO announced the launch of POVA 3 on June 23 - wanting to overwhelm the mid-range segment - Photo 1.

The POVA 3 launch livestream event is eagerly awaited by Tecno-fans

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“Empowering – Fighting passionately” the message TECNO sends through POVA 3

Recently, TECNO’s social media channels have conveyed the message “Empower The Youth” (Empower The Youth) throughout the posts, making fans curious and excited about the value of POVA 3. Can be understood in the meaning of each phrase, “Empowering” is that POVA 3 will bring endless energy to young people, so that they can “Fight enthusiastically” in the game, or more deeply. bravely face challenges in life, “fight” with all his might against tough, youthful difficulties.

However, to understand more deeply with the message that TECNO brand brings, let’s look forward to the Livestream launching at 19:00 GMT+7 on June 23, 2022

TECNO announced the launch of POVA 3 on June 23 - wanting to overwhelm the mid-range segment - Photo 2.

“Empowering – Fighting with enthusiasm” is aimed at young people who are not afraid of challenges

What special guests will be present at this event?

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In particular, in addition to bringing surprises about the expected super product this year, this event also took place a sponsorship contract signing ceremony with Saigon Phantom – a professional e-sports team in Lien Quan. Mobile. Besides, the presence of Duong De – a YouTuber with a super influence in the technology industry also heated up the atmosphere of the Livestream that day, making many technology fans unable to sit still.

The outstanding improvements of TECNO POVA 3 are being eagerly awaited by many gamers

Tecno POVA 3 is considered to be the “hit” of the Tecno brand this year with outstanding features. 7000mAh buffalo battery with 33W fast charging technology, longer use time, faster charging. Besides, the breakthrough in screen width up to 6.95 inches, leading in the mid-range segment makes watching movies and playing games more comfortable. In particular, POVA 3 upgrades the processor to Helio G88, with higher performance and more power. Some other features of POVA 3 are also improved such as dual speakers, graphite heatsink, expandable ram up to 11GB,… promising to bring Tecno-fans surprises.

TECNO announced the launch of POVA 3 on June 23 - wanting to overwhelm the mid-range segment - Photo 3.

TECNO POVA 3 launched with breakthroughs in chip, battery and screen

This launch event will bring a lot of surprising and interesting information, which is one of the solid springboards to help the TECNO brand in general, and POVA 3 in particular, to dominate the mid-range mobile phone segment that is inherently Quite a few competitors today. What price will cause “shaking” for technology enthusiasts, join and follow the TECNO POVA 3 Launch event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2086499334845463


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