Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank said that, along with the development of technology, taking advantage of the free SIM conversion and upgrade policy of telecommunications carriers in Vietnam, some subjects have committed fraud. to rob the right to use the phone SIM, thereby appropriating money in the customer’s bank account, e-wallet, etc.

Accordingly, the subjects claiming to be telecommunications company officers, contact customers by phone, text message and offer support for upgrading and switching 4G/5G SIM for free.

These objects request to provide OTP code sent by the carrier to the customer’s phone number or instruct the customer to send SMS messages from their own phone according to the operator’s specified syntax and the “SerialSIM” character sequence. ” provided by the fraudster. If you follow the message structure, the phone SIM that the customer is using will be disconnected and unusable. At the same time, the object will successfully obtain the customer’s SIM card and easily carry out subsequent frauds.

Fraudulent objects use the stolen phone number to activate banking services, receive OTP codes, transfer money, top up wallets, pay for purchases, etc. to appropriate the victim’s money.

Before this situation, banks recommend that customers need to immediately contact the bank’s hotline to block emergency services if they have followed the instructions and the phone SIM is no longer usable.

Secure phone SIM information by setting up a PIN for the SIM (according to the instructions of the telecom operator).

Users also need to be wary of calls and messages from unknown numbers with the following contents: free SIM upgrade support or winning announcements. Do not access the strange link sent in the message, do not follow the syntax guided by strangers.

Absolutely keep personal information confidential. Never give your password, PIN, OTP authentication codes, activation codes, etc. to anyone in any way.

According to the advice, users should only change and upgrade SIM at the transaction point of the telecommunications operator or through the carrier’s application.

According to ICTnews


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