Note when riding a motorbike through a deeply flooded road:

For scooter drivers, it is necessary to turn the throttle slowly and steadily, avoiding reducing the throttle during the process of moving through the flooded area because it may cause the vehicle to stall; need to carefully observe the water level and do not continue to move if the water is over the muffler mouth. Letting water enter the exhaust can lead to serious damage and repair costs that can reach millions of dong.

Tips for driving a car when encountering a flooded road to avoid stalling 1

For digital cars, the driver should shift to 1st or 2nd gear to move; keep the throttle steady and run slowly through the flooded area; do not accelerate as well as brake sharply during travel.

For electric motorcycles and electric bicycles, if the water level exceeds the location where the battery is located, they should not continue to move because the battery and battery when soaked in water are difficult to repair and need to be replaced. However, for some modern vehicles equipped with new battery technology, it can withstand continuous flooding for 30 minutes. This is also a criterion when choosing a car.

And the last thing to note when traveling through flooded roads is that the driver needs to keep the steering wheel firmly under the impact of the water flow.

How to fix when the car stalls:

The first thing to do as soon as the vehicle encounters a stall is to get the car out of the flooded area, then for each type of vehicle, apply different remedies, specifically as follows:

Tips for driving a car when encountering a deep flooded road to avoid stalling 2

For manual cars: immediately remove the spark plugs and dry them, then turn the car upside down to let the water drain out of the exhaust. Users need to lock the fuel tank and drain all the old gasoline in the carburetor, then and open the fuel tank and start the engine again. When starting, users should leave the car in 0 and turn the throttle sharply to let the remaining water in the exhaust escape.

For scooters: users also need to remove the spark plugs and dry and then reinstall them, then drain all the oil in the engine compartment, clean the engine compartment, and then change the oil.

After going through a deep flooded road, car owners should take the car to a repair shop to check the car to help increase the life and performance of the car.

Tips for driving a car when encountering a deep flooded road to avoid stalling 3

Users should note: towing is not the safest measure, because when the vehicle is submerged for too long in the water, the electrical system may be affected, the water entering the engine will experience a water-shock phenomenon. severely damaged. So when encountering heavy rain, users should find a safe shelter, wait for the weather to clear or the road surface to drain to continue moving.


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