TOP 10 simple Sticker drawing applications on Android and iOS phones

Everyone wants to own the most sparkling, beautiful and unique photos. To do this, it is obvious to ask for the support of apps or software. The content of the article will evaluate in detail the pros and cons of today’s hottest phone sticker drawing applications so you can consider choosing.

TOP cute cute sticker drawing apps

sticker drawing app is one of the perfect options that those who love sticker or sticker applications should try. The application not only provides built-in suggestions, but also allows users to customize their own style creations through automatic cutting technology. The advantage of the app is that it can be exported in many formats such as WhatsApp, iMessage. Support to adjust the size, position and add captions, a completely free image store with more than 500,000 animations is waiting for you to explore. The App corresponds to both popular operating systems, iOS and Android. However, the drawback is the inability to stitch images. The application logo takes up too much space on the photos, creating an uncomfortable feeling.

Zamoji – Create your own stickers

Zamoji is an app to create your own style stickers, with huge downloads on mobile apps. With simple operation, the app helps users create more unique photos. The advantage of this application is that it is compatible with most operating systems as well as popular social networks such as zalo, facebook, messenger, etc. The app library is updated regularly to keep up with the latest trends. You can combine multiple stickers at the same time to create the best photo. The limitation of the application is that the default keyboard is available, so it is difficult to customize, with font errors with Android phone versions 4.0 and below.

Sticker Make

Sticker Make is a familiar name used by many people. It makes a strong impression when allowing users to actively build personalized sticker collections through interesting features. Many supporting tools included such as customizing fonts, creating borders, inserting emoticons, etc. The application has the ability to easily save as well as share with friends through many different formats. However, the app is only compatible with those using the Android operating system, which takes a long time to download and takes up a large amount of memory.

Sticker drawing software on the phone


Another name that also often makes waves when it comes to unique sticker creation software is Zavatar. The application is likened to a huge library when it has everything that users are looking for to create the most distinctive sticker. You are allowed to choose your character, customize your eyes, nose, and hair to your liking and then share it with your friends through popular social networking sites. However, there are some shortcomings that the app needs to improve, such as the ability to update new collections, time to browse photos and sometimes automatically log out when the user is experiencing.

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

ArtFlow will turn your phone into an impressive canvas with tons of special features. All kinds of unique and different stickers are created in a snap. In particular, the application has the ability to remove the border of the screen to highlight the inner content of the photo. The operation on the app is easy and smooth, with just a few times of experience you can master everything. However, a small drawback of the app is that users have to spend money to upgrade to fully use the most attractive features.

Draw Something Classic

Draw Something Classic is your opportunity to create countless types of stickers in many different styles and themes. A simple application, similar to a creative game, to help you freely express your artistic talent. You can easily interact with your friends through this app to share beautiful photos with each other. However, the app uses quite a lot of battery and every time you want to start it, you have to log in to facebook.

Learn to draw Anime

Application Learn to draw Anime, one of the names that stormed the sticker community recently. With this app, users are given creative freedom to build a unique character image through specific video tutorials. From simple to professional lessons, all of them will help you gain valuable experience for your design. The app has a creative portfolio dedicated to each user, this application is completely free, but it does not support Vietnamese, so it is difficult to manipulate.

fotorus . sticker drawing application


FotoRus is rated as the best sticker photo collage application today with a series of tools to support color filters, bright and extremely professional. Besides, the app also integrates a diverse sticker library for users to freely insert images, creating vivid and attractive photos. You can easily change the contrast as well as the textures, giving a sharper, more natural look to the photo. The only limitation of the application is that it takes up too much memory space.

Line Camera

Line Camera allows users to own glittering, impressive photos through professional support tools. A rich and diverse sticker store helps you to be creative with one-of-a-kind photos. Users are free to change the brightness, color contrast of the photos to look perfect. The application provides more than 1000 stickers with a variety of themes for you to freely use. However, the app also has some shortcomings that need to be improved such as not updating the camera, limited recording time and quite poor image recognition.

Emoji Photo Editor

Emoji Photo Editor is one of the indispensable applications in the top sticker drawing app that the article wants to mention. App supports users to create unique images, catching up with youth trends. You are allowed to save the image in HD quality to set as wallpaper or post on social networking sites. The app interface is easy to use, even for first-timers. However, the application does not have a version for iOS operating system, taking up a lot of memory when downloading.


The content of the article has summarized in detail about the top 10 sticker drawing applications on phones. These apps all have certain advantages and disadvantages, you can freely choose the one that best suits your needs. Wish you can create the best photos through the suggestions above.

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