Bots, software programs that run automated tasks on the network, are still a big problem on Twitch at the moment. Perhaps no streamer wants their work sessions to be interrupted, interrupted by fierce attacks from bots, or spammed with meaningless or even malicious content. Too many bots can even clog their follower lists.

Of course, there are many ways to handle this situation and remove bots from our channel, as long as we do it very carefully if we don’t want to be like streamer Evan Gao below: Accidentally delete all people. follow your (follower) in the bot filtering process.

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The moment Evan Gao realized his fatal mistake blew away his channel’s followers.

The first is responsible, the latter is responsible, Evan is also partly responsible for this incident. After discovering that a large number of his followers are bots, the streamer guy tried to use an automatic filtering tool but did not read the instructions carefully and led to a fatal mistake. Evan accidentally blocked more than 6000 of his followers, and he himself didn’t realize it until he read the chats of the remaining followers.

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Evan said: “This tool allows you to remove followers, as well as add filters to your list of followers after a certain period of time. I set up the filter by selecting that day, a few minutes after the bots landed, and selecting “delete all selected followers below”. However, I forgot to press the “apply filter” button (to block new followers in the last 5 minutes), and accidentally blocked all of my followers since the day the channel was founded. The remaining number is 232 followers, and all are bots”.

Currently, Evan Gao has regained about 400 followers, and surely the streamer guy will need a lot more time to return to his original number. However, the positive point is that this humorous incident is helping Evan become one of the main focus of Twitch and will probably help more people get to know him.

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