At the recent WWDC event, Apple launched the new generation of M2 chips. Compared to M1, the CPU, GPU and NPU of the new product have achieved a remarkable double-digit growth. Compared with the Intelx86 processor previously used, it also has some significant advantages in video trimming, image rendering and other work scenarios. In short, the performance of the M2 is extremely good.

In response to this launch, the CEO of Qualcomm announced that his company would beat Apple’s M2 chip in the laptop and desktop computer space, thanks to the expertise of three former Apple engineers. And this is a familiar statement, because it is also what both Qualcomm and Intel have said, when Apple launched the M1 chip.

Qualcomm CEO: Will beat the M2 chip, thanks to former Apple engineers - Photo 1.

Apple’s M2 chip has superior performance compared to M1, as well as all competitors in the market.

Back in the day, both Qualcomm and Intel seemed shocked when Apple’s M1 chip suddenly appeared, kicking off a revolution in performance and energy efficiency in the field of microprocessors. Obviously, Apple has long been quietly working on a product that can compete with Intel’s best chips, but neither of the two rival companies could have predicted the success of computer processors. Apple’s first generation.

But in public statements, both companies believe they will not only catch up, but surpass Apple. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger talked about the company getting back to Apple’s business in an interview with HBO Axios: “So what we had to do was create something better than Apple. I hope that over time we can win their business back.” [đề cập đến lĩnh vực chip máy tính].”

In the field of mobile chips, Qualcomm seems equally optimistic. Qualcomm CEO Christian Amon told Reuters that he believes his company can make the best chips on the market, with the help of a chip design team that used to work for Apple but now works at Qualcomm.

Qualcomm CEO: Will beat the M2 chip, thanks to former Apple engineers - Photo 2.

Qualcomm is still very confident even though it has not launched any products to counter the M2, or even the M1.

As it turns out, Qualcomm has hunted down some of Apple’s senior chip engineers. In 2019, former Apple A-series chip leader Gerald Williams and two senior chip figures left the company to found a new chip company, called Nuvia. The company said at the time that it planned to compete with Intel and AMD.

Apple doesn’t believe it, saying that the real intention of these three is to force Apple to buy the company, or in fact to buy its own technology at a premium.

But with determination and agility, Qualcomm acquired Nuvia for $1.4 billion. This gives the chipmaker access to much of the expertise behind the development of Apple’s M1 chip.

So Anmon said to CNET that the company now believes it can beat Apple in the computer chip market: “Our goal is to lead in performance in the central processing unit (CPU) segment of the PC space.”

Amon also said that he “thanks” Apple for promoting development on the ARM architecture. In addition, this CEO also affirmed that he is not worried about losing the 5G chip business due to Apple’s ability to develop this chip line on its own.

Apple is developing 5G baseband and will use it for future iPhones. The A-series processor replacement is no longer a secret. Last year, Qualcomm issued guidance that the proportion of modems used in Apple devices would drop to 20% by 2023 and lower thereafter.

But Amon said Qualcomm is still developing its own product, and whether Apple is ready to use its own modem is difficult to say.

“They know our phone number and where to find us“, he said confidently.

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