YouTuber plays Elden Ring with 12 bananas

Elden Ring is a difficult game, which is something that every gamer has to admit since FromSoftware launched their latest product at the end of February. With a large open world filled with difficult bosses that players can encounter randomly, not following any sequence at all, Elden Ring has made many people cry after just a few hours of experience.

So can this game become even more difficult? The answer is yes, and how difficult it is depends on your creativity and technology knowledge. Recently, YouTuber nicknamed SuperLouis64 tried to experience Elden Ring in a way like no other: Using a banana instead of a PS5 controller.

YouTuber made a handle from 12 bananas to play Elden Ring - Photo 1.

YouTuber playing Elden Ring with 12 bananas.

Specifically, SuperLouis64 used 12 bananas and installed them so that each fruit corresponds to 1 key on the handle, such as navigation keys, jump keys, dodging keys or attacking enemies. The YouTuber guy said that to take advantage of the full functionality of the PS5 controller, we will need a system of 24 bananas. However, at that time, few people can remember all the specific functions of each fruit, and controlling the character will become so confusing that it is impossible.

And so with the new homemade “banana handle”, SuperLouis64 confidently entered the journey on the vast The Lands Between. The goal that this guy set is to defeat at least 1 boss. And the opponent he chose was the Flying Dragon Agheel at the Dragon-Burnt Ruins area in Limgrave. Whether SuperLoius64 is successful with its new control system, please watch the video below.

[Vietsub] YouTuber plays Elden Ring with 12 bananas, each equivalent to 1 different function key.

This is not the first time this YouTuber has experienced Elden Ring in ways like no other. Previously, SuperLouis64 modded Ring Fit Adventure’s gameplay into FromSoftware’s game, turning this open-world masterpiece into an intense exercise in a flash.

For example, with this mod, players have to really move, jog in place to control the character. In addition, when you want to heal, you will have to perform 1 squat (exercise carrying weights or using bare hands and standing up and sitting down). When continuously performing a combination of these moves, Elden Ring will no longer be just a mental challenge, game skills, but also a physical challenge that many gamers have to face. bored.

[Vietsub] YouTuber SuperLouis64 guy also played Elden Ring in this “mortal” style.


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